Dog Walking

A Dog Centred Experience...

  • I am not part of a national franchise or company, just someone who has always loved animals and wants to offer a secure and fun experience for your loved pet.
  • My rates are still very competitive even though I don't use group walks to maximise profit.
  • I am happy to discuss a discounted rate for walking an additional dog from the same household, but I do not walk dogs from different homes at the same time. This is because I believe it can be stressful for some dogs to be walked as part of a group that they don't know and live with. It is also not as safe should there be an emergency.
  • I will look after your dog, play with him/her and exercise them in a way that you would expect to yourself.
  • Your dog will get an individual walk with the personal attention he or she needs. This makes it a more enjoyable experience for your dog who will be coming home satisfied and tail wagging!
  • When walking dogs near to roads they are always walked on leads. Also, I never walk a 'new' dog without a lead. However, if the owner(s) feel their dog will benefit for some off lead exercise then once the dog has become used to me and I am confident he/she will come back when called, I am happy to exercise off lead in areas away from roads. I NEVER do this until I have discussed it with the owner(s) and have had written consent from them. So, unless you have given me permission to let your dog off lead you can be assured they will be lead walked at all times.I try and ensure that all the dogs I walk have a fun walk and I incorporate games for some who enjoy that. By doing that, it gives the dog a mental work out as well as a physical one!
  • I am responsible for our environment and will clean up after your pet.
  • I am happy to do ad-hoc walks.
  • Please note that I am only able to accept dogs that are well behaved on the lead.
  • Contact me now for a chat or email about my service to you.

Pet and Home Security

Note that my car does not have my company logo. I only ever use a normal car as branded vans, cars or clothing could easily make it obvious that the home owner is away. I do not believe this is a good idea for the security of your home and, more importantly, the safety of your pets!

Areas I Cover for Dog Walking and Dog Sitting

I absolutely love looking after dogs and pets so would rather do this than spend time driving! I therefore only cover local homes in Burton on Trent and Branston.