About me

About me


I’m Sarah.

From a very young age I could be found in the garden befriending the local cats or trying to build nests for the birds! My enthusiasm for animals and wildlife has increased more and more over the years.

I am very involved in the animal rescue world, taking in injured and/or orphaned wildlife when I am able to and helping other rescues.

I also have an assortment of my own animals including cats, rabbits, African Pygmy Hedgehogs, ducks, hamster and gerbil. My little soulmate, Coco (Cavalier King Charles) passed away in 2022 and I miss her dreadfully. In 2023, we took in 2 beautiful Cavalier King Charles girls who had been dumped after being bred from and had been neglected. It’s been a joy to see them blossom.

One of my passions within dog walking is learning as much as I can about dog behaviour (I am not a qualified behaviourist) and how I can adapt each walk so that the dog(s) get the most from it.

I am fully insured, DBS checked and have a qualification in dog and cat first aid/CPR.

Thanks for reading :)


Q. I am nervous about leaving my keys with someone I don’t really know.
A. That is totally understandable. I am sure I would feel the same. For that reason I have tried to put myself in the shoes of the client and how I would want my home and keys cared for. Firstly, all keys are kept in a safe when not needed to go to the home. The safe is a combination lock. Only myself and my husband (who is also insured) know the combination. Secondly, the keys are never labelled with a name or an address so that if someone were to break into my home and get into the safe they would not know which homes the keys fitted. Thirdly, I will only go into rooms I have been given permission to go into unless there was an emergency such as a major water leak or something else of that severity. Fourthly, I welcome cameras both indoors and out as they will let you see that your dog is happy in my company.

Q. How do I know my dog is going to be safe in your care?
A. I only offer solo dog walks or walks for dogs from the same home. This means that I can focus on your dog(s) for the whole walk/visit. I never walk a dog off lead unless I have got written permission from the owner and I have assessed the dog myself to see how good their recall is. Also, I only ever let a dog off lead if we are well away from roads. When I have taken the dog home, I double check the external door to make sure it is locked correctly. Your dog’s safety is my priority.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel a walk?
A. I understand that things change and that people might have to cancel. As long as I haven’t set off to your home, I don’t charge if a client cancels.