About me

About me

I am Sarah.

From a very young age I could be found in the garden befriending the local cats or trying to build nests for the birds! My enthusiasm for animals and wildlife has increased more and more over the years.

I really enjoy getting to know the personality of each and every animal I care for in my work. In fact, it usually doesn't feel like work at all! I have a small rescue which cares for rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and various types of wild birds. Getting a sick or injured wild animal back to health so that it can be released and go on to live it's life where it belongs is incredibly rewarding.

I also have an assortment of my own animals including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, African Pygmy Hogs plus 'my little shadow'... Coco, who is a cavalier King Charles'.

Also, I am CRB checked and fully insured.

Thanks for reading :)


Q. I am not sure if my pet would like a stranger coming in to feed him/her.
A. Usually, pets get to associate me with food and soon decide they are my friend! However, I am more than happy to come to see you and your pet/pets for a free 'meet and greet' so you and your pets can decide if I am the person to care for them while you are away. There is no obligation to book with me and I encourage people to not give me an answer while I am there but to have a think about it and if they decide they want to book with me, to contact me after the meeting.

Q.When you come to care for my pet(s) can you also do things to make the house look lived in?
A.Yes, absolutely! I can draw/un-draw curtains, blinds etc. switch on/off lights, water plants both indoors and out, put out bins and anything else you can think of that will make your home appear occupied. Also, my car does not have my business logo on so when I am parked outside your home, no one will be alerted to the fact you have someone going in to care for your animals.

Q. What would happen if my pet(s) was ill while I was away?
A.I always ask clients to complete a form before they go away. This is so I can have extra info about the pet or pets I am caring for and also emergency contact numbers and vet details. Before you go away we would discuss whether you would want to be contacted first if your pet or pets became ill or if you would prefer me to use my own judgement. However, if I was concerned about a pet and I was unable to contact you or someone who was down as an emergency contact, I would endevour to take the pet to his/her own vet. If for some reason that wasn't possible, i would take the pet to my own vet.

Q.I am nervous about leaving my keys with someone I don't really know.
A. That is totally understandable. I am sure I would feel the same. For that reason I have tried to put myself in the shoes of the client and how I would want my home and keys cared for. Firstly, all keys are kept in a safe when not needed to go to the home. The safe is a combination lock. Only myself and my husband (who is also insured) know the combination. Secondly, the keys are never labelled with a name or an address so that if someone were to break into my home and get into the safe they would not know which homes the keys fitted. Thirdly, I do not employ other people so unless I was taken very ill (My husband is also insured for pet sitting in case I was taken ill and couldn't get to the house. He has access to the list of animals I am pet sitting for so that if there was an emergency and I couldn't get to a pet, he would go in my place.) I am the only person who will be coming into your home. Fourthly, I will only go into rooms I have been given permission to go into unless there was an emergency such as a major water leak or something else of that severity. Finally, I have thought long and hard about how I would want my home treated if I was leaving it in the care of someone else. I would want it treated respectfully which is why I treat my clients' homes in the same way.

Q. My pet has to have medication each day. Can you do that?
A. Yes. I am confident in giving any vet prescribed medication as I often have to give both domestic and wild animals medication when they are in my rescue.